Recommended Free social networking script

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Recommended Free social networking software

Building a community is on every webmaster’s mind these days after the release the Social network. Everyone want a Facebook clone for himself, but no one want to code for years to get their own social networking script.


Mahara is Linkedin clone script for career social networking. It has all the aspects to build a portfolio based website for members for career based social networking.


Oxwall is quite new to open source arena, but its neat and clean design with jquery make it a great community software. Members can write on other member’s wall, they can send friend request to each other, can interact in forums,can upload photos and videos. The default theme is white with minimal links on any page making it look truly modest.


For those who love wordpress, Buddypress is the ultimate membership script based on wordpress. You can use Buddypress easily with your currently installed wordpress theme.


JomSocial is based on Joomla and is very popular these days for those who want to start their own social network. Having knowledge in Jommla will be advantageous while running the script and is you are not prone to joomla, learn it. Atleast it will be lot more easier than writing 1000 lines of php code.

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