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Better Browser Maxthon

Posted by S&C Dramatique
2012.06.01 08:58 Network and internet

Use a Better Browser.-Super Fast Maxthon

Maxthon 3 brings you unsurpassed speed and easy-to-use features you can’t find anywhere else.

  • Super Fast

    Maxthon 3 comes with a browser engine that draws web pages 200% faster than Google Chrome. See for yourself. Not sure? See what others say about the speed of Maxthon.

  • Exclusive Features

    No other browser does more right out of the box. Maxthon 3 comes with free cloud services: store your bookmarks and notes securely on the web for anytime, anywhere access. Share screen grabs with the built-inSnap feature; To make a quick jump to power user watch this video or check out What´s New in Maxthon.

  • Make it Yours

    Sometimes less *isn’t* more. Just because it’s a great tool doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. Add some flash and dash to your Maxthon browser with skins and other features that make it easy to customize your experience.

  • Free Download   
    Portable Version Download

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