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PHP Studio 2010

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2010.04.18 16:10 Scripts All Category/PHP and Python
PHP Studio 2010 
Recommended - Software PHP Studio 2010
Built-in HTTP server: Debug PHP scripts without a need for external HTTP server. Built-in HTTP server which runs PHP as a CGI module enables developers to test their scripts without uploading them to a live server.
Integrated web browser: Easily view the results of PHP scripts without leaving PHP Studio (requires MSIE 4.0 or higher)
Code explorer: Locate class and function definitions rapidly through PHP code.
Multiple language syntax highlighting: PHP Studio supports configurable syntax highlighting for PHP, SQL, HTML, XML, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), JavaScript, Perl, Python and Java.
  • Built-in FTP client. You can work with the files on remote server
  • Integration with PHP documentation: Press F1 to activate PHP manual and search for a word under caret. (requires CHM version of PHP Manual)
  • PHP function and parameter completion: You can quickly see PHP function list by pressing Ctrl+Enter and Shift+Ctrl+Enter for a hint pop-up containing parameter reference for selected function.
  • Supports UTF8/UTF16
  • Visual file comparison utility
  • Server explorer panel: You can easily access the files which will be served
  • File explorer: You can easily access local file system while you are working with PHP Studio
  • Code snippets: You can easily access CSS and HTML tags
  • Advanced text editing capabilities (Multiply undo/redo, find/replace, indent/unindent ...)
  • Automatic correction (similar to MS Word).
  • Tabbed multiply document interface (MDI)
  • Backup & automatic saving of files
  • Automatic parentheses highlighting
  • Column mode editing: While pressing Alt key, you can edit in column mode
  • Bookmarks
  • Highly Customizable
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Product Description
PHP Studio 2010 — Single User License
PHP Studio 2010 — Site License(1)
PHP Studio 2010 — Academic User License(2)
Product Description
Perl Studio 2010 — Single User License
Perl Studio 2010 — Site License(1)
Perl Studio 2010 — Academic User License(2)

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