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2010.04.15 16:46 Network and internet

Facebook is one of the most popular internet communities at the moment, and now you never have to miss the latest updates again... This iphone software application can be downloaded for free from the apple store and requires iPhone Firmware 2.0 or higher
play one of the oldest games ever on one of the newest and fanciest phone… this is backgamon for iphone
Repository (RiP Dev): http://repository.ripdev.com/
This is the infamous Installer.app for iPhone
Repository (AppTapp Official): http://repository.apptapp.com/
APlogger 1.0.5
APlogger is a native iPhone/iPod Touch application that scans and logs visible WiFi Access Points similar to iphone stumbler but containing a few extra options:

- summaries of the most recent scan and all past scans since invocation are displayed.
- detected APs are logged in a tab-separated logfile for offline analysis. Logfile names are expanded using strftime().
iphone NES emulator
This software for jailbroken iphones is a native NES emulator for the iPhone, currently using the InfoNES core.
Mobile Twitter
Mobile Twitter for jailbroken iphones is iphone software which does not only give you the possibility to communicate with friends, it also gives you the possibility to post your timeline for all your friends, so they will always see when you will be available for a chat or at which bar they will be able to find you…
iphone unlock Toolkit
Unlock the SIM lock on your iphone with this easy to use iphone unlock tool
Windows iphone icons
use this iphone icons as a windows icon for any program you want
ibrickr 0.91
iBrickr is an easy application which runs under windows and which makes it easy to manage your applications and ringtones on your iphone. This tool makes your iphone jailbroken
gpSPhone 2.0.0-2
gpSPhone is a Game Boy Advance emulator for iphone.
Repository (ModMyiFone): http://modmyifone.com/installer.xml
Genesis4iphone brings back the joy of Sega to your iphone, works on both iphone and ipod touch
Repository (ModMyiFone): http://modmyifone.com/installer.xml
The ultimate software for every drum freak, have a drumcomputer right in your pocket on your iphone, create beats during the boring moments or just come up with a complete new song, drummer allows you to do this...
Repository (ModMyiFone): http://modmyifone.com/installer.xml

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