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Top Free Cloud-Online Storage Services

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2011.11.08 14:50 Mobile

The list  of  Top Free Clouds
Online Storage Services 

As more people prefer to save pictures ,docs and files online than on the hard disk, we look some of the free and paid versions of online storage or cloud service.

  1. SKY drive : Microsoft provides 25 Gb of free space(Microsoft and Free what s the catch !) for storing your files online and the best online storage available right now ,you can create folders and also assign permission as public ,friends or only you. There is file limit of 50mb per file but that can be overcome by uploading files to SkyDrive through Windows Explorer itself through Glneadit – it’s just like mapping a folder on the network drive.
  2. Adrive : This service provides you the maximum file storage capacity of 50Gb without any cost for individual users ,they also have paid versions upto 10TB storage which is the only storage which also provides FTP. Adrive doesn’t have a file limit so it’s easy to store your videos with huge file size.
  3. Google Docs : Google has finally allowed storage of videos, pdfs, ppts and docs with only 1GB space (pretty strange Gmail is offering 5 GB space) with file size limit of 250 MB. Looks like Google docs will increase its free storage space once chrome OS is available .The paid version of Google docs costs only 5$ for 20 Gb per year and you can have a maximum of 17TB at $4,096 per year

There are many other services like free), dropbox, Idrive(10GB if you share your gmail contacts else its 2Gb) cloud which provides cloud services.

IMP: Its advisable to select only reputable brands for saving files online or you might end up losing your data as some had experience with xdrive, also remember cloud technology is still in its nascent stages. 


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